How to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the team?
 How to determine the salary when hiring?
 How to build an employee's career path?
 How to help teams fight fatigue?
 How to calculate the bus factor?
SaaS platform for team development and retention

About Us


I am Vova, the founder of the devmanager service and ex-CTO Utkonos.

In 2021, I've hired over 80 IT specialists and made more than a dozen counter-offers.

I know what problems companies face when hiring, assessing the level of skills and salaries, as well as retaining and motivating IT specialists in a team.

I have put in my experience to the devmanager platform, which is now available for any IT company.

Skill Mapping
Structures the set of competencies in the team and expectations on each level.
Structures the review process
Service will help to do an employee performance review, collect feedback and generate a detailed report.
Employee involvement
Service is a place where colleagues share and fix feedback for team and personal development.
Reduces HR risks
By engaging and working with the growth zone of employees, they stay longer in the company.
Needed for teams
Allows you to accumulate all information about the team in one place, it is also replaces an excel.
Moreover, DevManager
Available on all platforms. Generates convenient reports with possibility of customization.
Our clients
CTO in
Using this service, we regularly conduct reviews to assess the team's skill set.
HR & Talent в Utkonos
Service allowed us to flexibly customize
the review process in a company with historically strong IT.
CEO & founder digital agency aim
It is important for us to update the team competency map regularly, to highlight the strongest employees to the products of our partners.

In addition to standard:

Custom reports and insights

Conducting a review cycle

Turnkey process

$10 per employee per month
We'll be happy to answer you questions, conduct a demonstration
and customize the service for your needs.


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